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1 Weird Fact and 2 Predictions about Chatbots

1 Weird Fact and 2 Predictions about Chatbots

There’s no denying that chatbots are the new hotness. The web is rife with data, predictions, discussions and breakdowns on this subject, and as an AI-led company, it is our job to keep an eye on this shifting landscape. In doing so, we come across bits of data and some crystal-ball gazing that is really interesting.

Here are a few such bits that should interest you as well.

1. Users already prefer using chatbots over apps

Hard to believe, considering how long apps have been around, but it’s true – users have taken to chatbots far faster than they ever did to apps. A recent salesforce report revealed that 69% of users prefer chatbots when it comes to getting quick answers to simple questions, while only 51% prefer apps. The main reason being that chatbots provide quicker responses.

2. By 2029, chatbot conversations will be indistinguishable from humans

Author, futurist and inventor of technologies like the print-to-speech reading machine and the first commercial text-to-speech synthesizer (among other things) Ray Kurzweil has said that by 2029, AI will be able to pass the Turing Test, making it indistinguishable from humans.

While the aim of AI technology was always to be as closely human as possible, even we didn’t think the technology was so close ahead!

3. By 2020, the average person will converse with bots more than their spouses

According to Gartner in just a few years the average person will be so engaged with chatbots in every sphere of interaction, that he/she would probably talk more to chatbots daily than their own spouses!

Of course, considering how many organisations are already using chatbots to talk to their leads, their customers and their social media followers, this is entirely believable. Chatbots can be implemented in every level of an organization, from sales, to marketing to HR, to streamline processes and make them more efficient.

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