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3 Industries That Are Benefiting From The Chatbot Platform

3 Industries That Are Benefiting From The Chatbot Platform

Today, the Chatbot Platform is enjoying an unprecedented level of applications across a wide range of industries. In fact, several facets of our personal lives are being pleasantly disrupted by automated bots as well.

Every time we ask Alexa to fetch us a cab, we are in conversation with a chatbot. When we ask Siri to play music, we are enjoying the benefits of AI technology. When Slackbot lets us know that we have to be in the office on time for an important meeting, we are interacting with a digital platform.

For-profit institutions aside, global organizations such as UNICEF are also employing the services of chatbots to streamline their daily operations. Its U-Report bot is primarily involved in large scale data mining. By harnessing terabytes of information weekly gathered through surveys and polls conducted en masse, they can identify similarities in pattern and predict behavior.

Digital retail or e-commerce

AI chatbots allow online retailers to not only offer their consumers a digital experience but a personalized one. They can hand-hold and guide the prospects through every step of the sales journey – discovery, research, purchase and support. On behalf of the businesses, chatbots can engage leads, sometimes even before they have set foot into the electronic store.

In addition to the end consumer, chatbots also interface with other brands and companies. Their sophisticated analytic-algorithms study consumer behavior and predict patterns. Additionally, the data they gather on the competition helps organizations to gain an edge over their business rivals.

State-of-the-art automated bots can go above and beyond their call of duty. They make product recommendations and resolve queries. They process purchase orders and even facilitate inventory management.

If one was to ever ask what the USP or unique selling proposition of chatbot technology is, it would undoubtedly be that automated bots can engage their human counterparts across multiple channels simultaneously. By communicating via mail, text, app and through other electronic platforms, they exponentially increase sales conversion rates.


With their ability to permeate any portable and hand-held devices, chatbots have facilitated the dissipation of information across a large student body instantaneously.

They can efficiently handle bulk student queries on basic processes such as programs, enrolment or scholarships. For more complex queries, they can transfer the conversation in real-time to manned centers.

Chatbots are not merely available on the university website. By being available on social media channels and even on the academy intranet, they provide 24X7 assistance to students.

Video on Demand and Cable TV

Chatbots allow consumers in the video on demand (VoD) and the cable TV industry to enjoy a bird’s eye view of their content offering, customize their package and payment options.

Subscribers can enquire after the latest episodes of their favorite shows, be informed about upcoming programs and even elicit recommendations on what’s-hot and whats-not. Conversely, these electronic interfaces gather invaluable insight into audience behavior, why certain shows attract tremendous traffic while others do not and how to replicate the success across other content platforms.

Through their myriad advantages of implementation, chatbots will continue to boost the top line of companies that use them. If you wish to avail of our cutting-edge enterprise app development services, get in touch with us today.

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