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Case Study: BCRF’s Hot Pink Event 2021 A Successful Fundraiser on ZOE TTP

Case Study: BCRF’s Hot Pink Event 2021 A Successful Fundraiser on ZOE TTP

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that works towards the prevention and cure for breast cancer.

BCRF provides critical funding for cancer research globally for tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. As a fundraiser event, BCRF organizes Hot Pink Evening – a star-studded event as a centrepiece.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, the event has gone virtual with live streaming.


The BCRF Hot Pink event 2021 was hosted by Elizabeth Hurley, with a special performance by Sir Elton John. Celebrities like Nina Garcia and others made the evening special with their presence, while Myra Biblowit, President & CEO, BCRF spoke about the advantages of virtual events during the pandemic.

Challenge: To interact with donors during the event

Hosting a virtual event has several challenges. Providing a seamless digital experience, options of one-to-one networking, and making sure to offer a user-friendly experience are some of the major concerns.

ZOE TTP tried its best to provide aid during the donation process of the BCRF Hot Pink evening.

The main challenge during these events is normally to keep track of the donation procedure that involves queries, guidance, and payment. Instant and consistent interaction to answer queries related to it is another challenge. Many donors enquire about the details of the payment, where to pay, contact details of the recipient, etc.

The queries are in large volume, and managing the responses manually is difficult, especially during the live event.

And if these queries get unattended at the right time, the risk of missed donation during the online event runs high.

Solution: ZOE Textbot

To attend to the donors right away, BCRF used ZOE TTP (Text To Pledge) for easy and fast communication. ZOE was used to making sure to respond to the donors instantly by providing them the details they were looking for. It also ensured that the messages were checked and approved at the backend by the BCRF team at the right time.

Here is what ZOE did:

1. Received messages from the donor, responded by sending them the amount details, URL of the payment gateway, and other relevant details.

2. At the backend, a member of the BCRF team received the message, edited them if required, and published them.

3. The final message is published and displayed for all during the live event. The messages were vertically oriented for the first time in this event.


At the event attended by over 700 guests, BCRF received more than 200 donation messages via ZOE chatbot. We were delighted to see ZOE play a role in raising funds for such a worthy cause. The fund raised was huge which would hopefully be beneficial to all the relevant sectors.

ZOE was a part of 7 BCRF events so far, and the Hot Pink 2021 event was the third one this year. The goal of the event was met successfully with timely support enabled by ZOE chatbot. The event received positive response from the attendees, with several people appreciating the seamless digital experience of the event attended remotely. The user-friendly assistance by ZOE helped the event to receive donations from all over the world.

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