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Case Study- How Hammerson Handled 96.5% Customer Queries Successfully with AI Chatbot, ZOE

Case Study- How Hammerson Handled 96.5% Customer Queries Successfully with AI Chatbot, ZOE

About Hammerson

Hammerson is a leading brand of residential and commercial builders in the UK. The company has built 21 flagship properties, 12 retail parks, and 20 premium outlets in 14 countries across Europe. Hammerson has leased its properties to 4,800 tenants. Every year, an estimated 430 million shoppers visit Hammerson properties.

People and brands want to be associated with Hammerson. Hence, Hammerson is very particular about providing them with a quality experience.

The Requirements

All Hammerson properties had their own team of customer care executives. However, with increasing footfalls, they were finding it harder to keep up. Message inboxes were overflowing, and a number of requests were going unanswered on time, in spite of the team’s best efforts.

The Solution

More than 85% of people in Europe (GSMA report published in 2018) use mobile devices. Around 69% of people (report published on in 2020) are active on social media channels like Facebook. So, when Hammerson wanted us to help them with their problem of unserved customer queries, we proposed a multichannel chatbot with social as well as web integration.

ZOE bot has built the first line of defence for customer service. The bot is trained by our experienced AI trainers both at its pre and post-launch stages to make it more relevant to Hammerson. ZOE successfully handles queries of customers in real-time and compensates for the small number of customer care executives. The latter can jump into conversations as and when required.

ZOE also helps Hammerson to up the quality of in-store and out-store shopping experience of customers, enhance customer engagement, reduce customer services overhead and make data-driven business decisions for better results.


In December 2019 alone, ZOE had served 14,916 customers of Hammerson. On average, the bot had handled around 96.5% of queries, successfully. 14,764 customers had accessed ZOE chatbot through websites while 152 had reached it through FB Messenger. 67 customers gave thumbs up to ZOE while 21 customers did the opposite. Hence, for the month of December, the percentage of satisfied customers was 76%.

Customers don’t even have to type some common sets of queries related to parking or timings. To get information, customers just have to click quick buttons or carousel responses. And this is only a small example of how ZOE helps Hammerson to up its quality of in-store and out-store shopping experience.


Today, brick-and-mortar shopping malls and retail parks are facing stiff competition from e-retailers. The former can only match the competition if they adopt digital methods to interact, engage, and serve customers. Hammerson loved the fact that they got a single platform (in the form of AI chatbot ZOE) to serve customer enquiries in real-time, engage customers through witty small talk, and enhance the quality of in-store and out-store shopping experience of customers through guided and open-ended expressions.


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AI chatbot ZOE Case Study