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Web Spiders Powers Chatbot of Singapore’s Best Travel Agency

Web Spiders Powers Chatbot of Singapore’s Best Travel Agency

Chan Brothers Travel, one of the largest travel agencies in the APAC region and winner of the title of Best Travel Agency in Singapore at the 2017 TTG Travel Awards, now has a new chatbot powered by Web Spiders’ Zoe Customer Bot Platform.

As a busy travel portal with an overwhelming number of enquiries every day, Chan Brothers wanted to enhance the live chat functionality on their website in order to ensure a 100% response rate at a pace quicker than a standard live support desk. They wanted to reduce support staff expense, and ensure consistent responses were provided across all touchpoints. Thus, an AI powered bot solution based on Zoe was the ideal solution.

WS added custom modifications on top of Zoe’s robust feature set to developed a Chanzilla, a fully-functional travel assistant bot, for the client. Apart from responding to commonly asked questions, the chatbot has been trained to suggest travel packages based on different criteria, such as specific occasions, preferred travel times and different types of budget.

The chatbot is seamlessly integrated with the in-house API of Chan Brothers Travel to display up-to-date package prices. It also offers part-by-part breakdown of the itinerary of a chosen package, and can even provide information about customs and obligations of a particular region! Chanzilla, powered by Zoe, has been trained to act both as a concierge and a support desk for travel enthusiasts.

Finally, the Chanzilla bot isn’t just a great tool for users planning a trip; Vacationers can use it to perform currency conversions at the latest market rates simply by asking (“Chanzilla, 75 Singapore Dollars equals how many Yen?”) or even get close to real-time weather forecasts of various locations they might be visiting.

To have a chat with Chan Brothers Travel’s new AI bot, visit and click on the chat icon. Go ahead, Chanzilla’s dying to talk to you!

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