Frequently Asked Questions

ZOE is more than a simple email follow up tool. It is a complete marketing platform with email and chat capabilities, powered by AI and NLP for natural, human-like conversations. It engages prospects, follows up persistently via emails, sets up calls with human reps once leads are hot and schedules meetings as well. Zoe can be trained to ensure it understands and speaks industry-specific lingo. Zoe can be deployed at scale, engaging hundreds and thousands of leads and prospects, but ensures that each interaction is personalized.

100%. You can completely personalize the chat or email platforms for industry specific needs and the tone of conversation. We will provide you with a backbone and you can build your AI Sales assistant the way you want.

Yes, ZOE allows for a smooth integration with third party ERPs, Cloud API's and CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo etc.

ZOE is a customised solution, unique for different enterprises. To discuss the various customizations and pricing models, please get in touch with us here.

Yes. Not only does ZOE collect lead information through the chat interface, it can follow up with existing leads as well. All you have to do is integrate ZOE with your existing CRM and ZOE can take it up from there. In fact, this is a great way to warm up your cold leads without a significant drain on resources!

ZOE is not a normal automated email marketing service. Using it’s AI engine, ZOE ‘understands’ when to ‘back off’ or when to let a human representative take over. The machine learning module allows ZOE to learn both pre, and post launch.

If someone doesn’t want to receive any more mails, ZOE’s smart engine keeps the communication on hold. Similarly, if someone wants to schedule a call or a meeting, it uses its ‘Call Connect’ and ‘Meetings Modules’ features.

No. Your data security and privacy is extremely important for us at Web Spiders. ZOE doesn’t read emails that are not tagged to the AI marketing tool.

Yes. ZOE is a mix of AI powered chatbot technology and an automated email marketing tool. It can be trained to ‘engage’ prospects in intelligent conversations revolving around industry-specific questions or simply have ‘small talks’. The chatbot platform is backed with Machine Deep Learning modules like TensorFlow and uses Natural Language Processing to ‘talk’ like a sales executive. In essence, ZOE not only functions as good as a human sales rep, also outshines them because it never takes a leave.

You can get detailed customer profiles from their email IDs and/or anonymous IP traffic using the Reverse DNA technology of ZOE. Depending on the kind of service industry and pre-launch training, ZOE can ‘talk’ and confirm contact details

Absolutely. Our goals at Web Spiders are simple - Enhanced overall sales and data safety. ZOE provides data encryption at rest, in transit, and on device, ensuring Enterprise Grade Security

To understand better how our product can add value to your sales team, please click here to book a demo.

Zoe Chat usually replies ‘Instantly’ with an average response time of a few milliseconds. However, if the bot content is exceptionally large, the initial load time may be slightly longer, depending on the deployment platform used and internet connection.

Zoe Email responds within 24 hours, in order to emulate the natural, human cadence of emails.