ZOE - Your 24/7 AI Robot Assistant for

Travel Industry

Support, Inform and Update your customers - Any time, Anywhere

ZOE is the ideal travel concierge

Whether it’s a potential lead looking for suggestions or a customer halfway through
a trip needing help, ZOE is always there to answer them, any time of the day.

Engage leads like a travel agent

Travel agents and customer support teams are often swamped with routine queries all day long. Instead of hiring a team of customer care executives who may or may not be available 24/7, you can count on ZOE to respond to all their queries instantly. Even if a user asks something completely irrelevant, ZOE will often come up with interesting responses to keep them engaged, and maybe turn them into a potential lead as well.

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Optimize KPIs with Bot analytics

Provide improved customer experience with every passing day by keeping a track of your response management KPIs. With an in-built bot analytics feature, you will be able to measure the chat performance based on parameters including most-used keywords, sentiment analysis, and more.

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Live Agent support

ZOE is usually never at a short for words, but there may be rare instances when the user needs a more human touch to address their issues. ZOE never leaves a user hanging and will immediately connects them to a live human agent or a sales rep to resolve the inquiry, ensuring less frustrations for your customers.

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